Thankful at the End of 2022

We have a lot to be thankful for at the end of this year. We had many interns and volunteers turn up to help with our work. Frances entered data for all our Paramaribo rescues of the past five years while immediately mapping them. Wianda entered data from many, many years of feeding our temporary […]

We moved! (episode 2)

We managed to give all animals with the exception of Stoney and Elly their own moving box. Stoney and Elly were in one kennel together. We managed to put all the kennels in the Sloth Rescue Vehicle. And at around 5 PM we set out to the center with a moving van and all animals […]

We moved! (episode 1)

So we moved. Dealing with a difficult situation of no energy, no water, unfinished building. But there was no other option. The operation started on the 30th of July, when we drove out to the center with four animals that we had rescued in the past three days, and who were ready to be released. […]

A Very Special Animal: the Sloth

Ruben Leter and his colleague student Bregje Bouma from the School for Journalism in Utrecht, the Netherlands, visited us just before we are moving. For the TV program NOON, which is broadcast every Friday on RTV Utrecht, 10 students from this school travelled to Suriname for two weeks to make two episodes. We were very […]