Thankful at the End of 2022

We have a lot to be thankful for at the end of this year. We had many interns and volunteers turn up to help with our work. Frances entered data for all our Paramaribo rescues of the past five years while immediately mapping them. Wianda entered data from many, many years of feeding our temporary […]

A Special Guest

By Ted van Hooff ‘There’s a sloth in a car tire above the water behind my house.’ We find sloths in the strangest places. When Eric calls us about the guest that has been staying in his backyard for the last couple of days, we know we’ve got a special case at our hands. When […]

Thank you Sigfried

By Ted van Hooff When Sigfried, a cock who is always alert, starts to crow at a tree in a backyard in South Paramaribo, his owners suspect something is wrong. Sigfried has spotted an intruder: a three-fingered sloth is hanging lonely on a branch.     The Green Heritage Fund is called in. While Sigfried […]

Thank you from the Sloth Wellness Center-Slothful New Year 2018!

  When we heard on the 4th of January that we really had to move, we were shocked because we had a deadline, but also grateful that our landlord gave us the opportunity to set our own deadline. He even allowed us when the time neared to extend it by a month. So we moved, […]

A Very Special Animal: the Sloth

Ruben Leter and his colleague student Bregje Bouma from the School for Journalism in Utrecht, the Netherlands, visited us just before we are moving. For the TV program NOON, which is broadcast every Friday on RTV Utrecht, 10 students from this school travelled to Suriname for two weeks to make two episodes. We were very […]

Mommy and Baby Sloth Visiting a Human Family

When Abhay came home from school his mother was not yet home to have lunch with him. So he wanted to enter the house to prepare his homework for tomorrow, when he saw two unexpected guests sitting on a chair on the balcony. Abhay immediately went to his neighbour to get help, because what to do now, he was a […]

One Little Bright Star was added to the Constellation of Sloth

Constellation Sloth

When you hear that there is talk about stars and constellations, you already are bracing yourself for unpleasant news. Someone must have died. And indeed, regrettably we do not always have good news. One of our most beloved and followed little friends has taken his place in the Constellation of Sloth. Our little friend Glenn, […]