Het welzijn van wilde dieren: luiaards

Suriname is home to two species of sloth, the three-fingered Bradypus tridactylus and the two-fingered Choloepus didactylus. Although neither species is currently considered threatened with extinction [12, 13] , their well-being and health is threatened to varying degrees by many activities in different parts of their range. DEFORESTATION Both the three and two fingered sloths are arboreal, so deforestation […]

Het welzijn van wilde dieren: xenarthra, dolfijnen en lamantijnen

Wildlife welfare is the field of study that considers how human activities impact the well-being and quality of life of free-living wild animals. Many practices humans engage in, such as deforestation, mining, pet trade, and hunting, can cause harm and create long-term suffering and poor welfare states in wild animals [55]. Negative welfare for a […]

Deel 2 – Het welzijn van wilde dieren: wat is dat en waarom is het belangrijk

WHAT WILDLIFE WELFARE IS NOT Further, there is a difference between animal welfare and animal rights [10], although both fields are grounded in ethical considerations of animal life. There are key distinctions between the two, which are often unknown, that make scientists, policy-makers, and regular civilians reluctant to consider animal welfare a legitimate field. ANIMAL WELFARE […]

References-Wildlife Welfare: What it is and why it’s important

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Deel 1 – Het welzijn van wilde dieren: wat is dat en waarom is het belangrijk

Animal welfare is the answer to the ethical question people have been asking for years: how should humans treat animals? Although certainly grounded in morality and respect for the creatures we share our planet with, animal welfare is not solely philosophical. In fact, in recent decades, the science behind animal welfare has become better understood […]

Luiaards Één Jaar In Het Luiaard Wellness Centrum

When I first arrived in Suriname, I had little knowledge about the small, slow, incredible creatures I would soon grow to love. In the United States, sloths are internet sensations. Due to their specialized lifestyle and fragile nature, sloths, particularly three-fingered species, are not common zoo animals. So, the only real exposure to these animals […]