Sea Turtles

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Sea Turtles

Sea turtles have been visiting the beaches of Suriname since prehistory to lay their eggs. Some of the most significant sea turtle nesting beaches on the Atlantic coast of South America are found in Suriname. Sea turtles are globally at risk of extinction. And even though many in Suriname know this, some still poach and consume sea turtle eggs. As knowledge about the animals is not widespread, most people do not know that only 10 out of 1000 eggs will develop into adult sea turtles. 

By working with the community, GHFS creates awareness aimed at triggering a behavioral change to better protect these endangered animals.

While visiting schools to give awareness sessions about sea turtles and beach cleanups, our team educates the students on the importance of sea turtles and the threats they face. Volunteers and students can also participate in the fieldwork on the beach during the nesting season. They thus learn how to collect data and help protect sea turtles and their eggs from different threats. 

Through these awareness and capacity-building sessions, tools, and knowledge are handed down that help to create sea turtle heroes. These community heroes help protect the sea turtles and their nesting beaches by speaking up for the voiceless animals. Our collective goal is to increase the survival rates of the sea turtle nesting populations in Suriname. The data collected will be shared with the community and other countries to help protect sea turtles as a global community.

General goals

The protection of sea turtle populations through the establishment and maintenance of awareness and community monitoring programs. These programs will provide the community with knowledge and tools to advocate for the protection of sea turtles and their nesting habitat.

 Specific goals

  • Increase knowledge about sea turtle populations in Suriname
  • Improve the long term sustainability of the sea turtle community programme
  • Engage in advocacy for the protection of sea turtles in Suriname
  • Promote the conservation of the marine environment in general
  • Increase knowledge sharing among key national and international sea turtle and conservation actors

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