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GHFS is small self-funded NGO based in Paramaribo, Suriname, that depends on the dedication of its volunteers to carry out its various activities. In order to minimize our overheads we are unable to offer bed and board to those from overseas looking for voluntary work with us, although we appreciate their interest and any skills they have to offer. However, GHFS is happy to assist in finding accommodation appropriate for any volunteer/intern, whatever their budget, while in the country. Any volunteer or intern undertaking work with GHFS will also need to provide their own medical insurance and travel insurance. As training a volunteer requires a lot of time and work for us, we have a minimum of two weeks volunteering. Under two weeks we will consider you a visitor, who can tag along on rescues and releases, if any.

Please note that if you should choose to apply to volunteer with the Green Heritage Fund, you will be required to download, sign and return the waiver that can be accessed with the link below. If you are under the age of 18 years, your parent/ guardian will have to sign this form and will also have to provide a letter authorizing you to volunteer with us. For volunteers under the age of 18 we can set additional conditions. Your volunteer application will not be processed until we have received a completed volunteer waiver form, please email to receive it via docusign. Thank you!

You can apply here .

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