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About the Dolphins

The Dolphin Program started out as a community monitoring program by a group of volunteers of the Green Heritage Fund Suriname on almost every Sunday. The research is conducted in the Suriname River Estuary between Leonsberg and Braamspunt where since 2005 basic data was collected on the wild Sotalia guianensis dolphin population. Next to the collection of basic data, the program has trained volunteers and other stakeholders, and has been providing education and information to the general public. Currently, the dolphin program has expanded in more general marine conservation issues, including marine spatial planning.

General goals
The protection of the wild dolphin population through establishment and maintenance of a sound community monitoring program that contributes to decision-making regarding the estuary of the Suriname River.
Specific goals
  • Increase knowledge of wild dolphin habitat and populations in the Suriname River Estuary to support informed environmental decision-making
  • Engage local actors in education about dolphins and the ecosystems of the estuary
  • Improve the long term sustainability of the dolphin program
  • Engage in advocacy for the protection of wild dolphins in Suriname and the estuary as an ecosystem
  • Promote the conservation of the marine environment in general and promote sustainable livelihoods by employing an ecosystem-based approach
  • Increase knowledge sharing among key national and international dolphin and conservation actors

There is an opportunity for guests to join the research trips (maximum of 10 people per trip). For more information go to Visit Us.

Working on the conservation of dolphins in the estuary of the Suriname river inspired GHFS to expand its conservation efforts to include the marine environment in its entirety.  This shift in focus inspired the organization to work towards sustainable use and management of the marine environment, which ultimately motivated the GHFS initiate or promote the use of marine spatial planning in Suriname. Visit the Marine Spatial Planning page for more information.

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