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In 2050 more Plastic in the Ocean than Fish

Paramaribo – Thursday June 8th is World Oceans Day, a fact that Green Heritage Fund Suriname (GHFS) will commemorate with the recent film ‘A Plastic Ocean’. The

Dolphin Program

The Sea of Suriname

“Suriname is one of the greenest countries in the world and we must protect and conserve our green country”, you may have heard this statement, but

Dolphin Program

Suriname again votes for whaling

Guest blog by: Julian Pengel Walvisnatie nummer 1 van de wereld, Japan, heeft bij monde van één van zijn IWC vertegenwoordigers ooit beweerd dat de walvissen

Mercosur Leaders Support Whaling Moratorium

Leaders of Mercosur Give Their Full Support to Whaling Moratorium and the Proposed Creation of the Southern Atlantic Whale Sanctuary. 6. Destacaron su compromiso permanente

Dolphin Program

Picture Report of World Oceans Day Celebration

Our friend Alejandro from Argentina gives instructions about setting up the whale. Rolling out the whale. The ladies of the dolphin programme pay careful attention

Dolphin Program

Masterclass in Marine Environmental Science

The Masterclass in Marine Environmental Science and the preceding film evening at TBL Cinemas were a great success. The films were that evening the best

Dolphin Program

Uruguay Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary a Fact!

The Sanctuary for Whales and Dolphins in Uruguay is approved! This was achieved with an absolute majority of votes in the Parliament of Uruguay. Below

Dolphin Program

Regional workshop on Marine Mammals

Paramaribo, from 18 through 20 March the Green Heritage Fund Suriname hosted a regional workshop on Marine Mammals in the Torarica Banquet Hall. Various international

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