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Picture Report of World Oceans Day Celebration

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IMG 9811 web

Our friend Alejandro from Argentina gives instructions about setting up the whale.

IMG 9818 web

Rolling out the whale.

IMG 9819 web

The ladies of the dolphin programme pay careful attention on how it is done.

IMG 9820 web

Our volunteer Elise from California with a stone to ensure that the whale is not going to blow away!

IMG 9826 web

The whale looks as if he stranded.

IMG 9847 web

A gale blows from the west, Brad, Kate and Wynne keep the whale steady.

IMG 9855 web

And there he is, sad because people are still hunting whales.

IMG 9873 web

Brad literally crawls into the skin of a smaller whale.

IMG 9891 web

And Jonathan also decides to crawl into the skin of a whale.

IMG 9897 web

Our small whales attract a lot of attention.

IMG 9929 web

Kate, Alejandro, Joke, Monique, Walvis Jonathan, Stellar, Farisha, Gracella, Arvind, Walvis Brad, Elise and Wynne.

IMG 9964 web

Elise accompanies whale Brad into the lift to the foyer of TBL Cinemas.

IMG 9979 web

Whale Jonathan in the Foyer of TBL Cinemas.

2014 06 08EliseMattison web

Taking a picture with our small whale.

2014 6 08EliseMattison web

IMG 0002 web

This is how BIG a humpback whale really is!

IMG 0003 web


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