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The Sea of Suriname

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“Suriname is one of the greenest countries in the world and we must protect and conserve our green country”, you may have heard this statement, but Suriname does not only consist of forests and rivers that need to be protected and preserved. What about the ‘blue’ that lies in front of our coast?

As a child or teenager you may have seen pictures of whales in books or watched exciting movies about giant sharks or jumping dolphins. But did you know that these animals also occur in our sea? Currently, the Sea of Suriname feels more like a myth, a fairy tale that is discussed very vaguely during a geography lesson, and that is all that is said about it and the average Surinamer has little knowledge about our sea.

This book “The Sea of ​​Suriname” was written by marine biologist Marijke de Boer and is a product of the Green Heritage Fund Suriname.

The aim of this project is to provide more knowledge and to generate curiosity about our beautiful sea that is alive with a great diversity and unique ecosystems. The book is intended primarily for students. What we ultimately aim for is to create awareness about the importance of our sea so that better measures can also be taken to protect and preserve the Suriname Sea.

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The vision of the Green Heritage Fund Suriname is to create a society that consciously works towards the continued improvement of their environment and the promotion of a green, clean and healthy Suriname.

This book is funded by the GEF Small Grants Program Suriname at UNDP and the Dutch Embassy with WWF Guianas and is not intended for sale but is part of an education project.

If you are interested in purchasing this book in the future, you could make a donation to support the 2nd print.

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