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Results of the Masterclass in Marine Environmental Sciences

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The Masterclass in Marine Environmental Science and the preceding film evening at TBL Cinemas were a great success. The films were that evening the best visited films at TBL Cinemas. This evening of films was made possible with the support of the International Ocean Institute and the Ecology Action Centre, Canada, which made the films for this evening available. The following day, some of the 96 people that registered for the masterclass could not attend, and in total 51 people remained the whole day for the very interesting presentations by Dr. William Hawkins and Radjeskumar Asraf. There was a lively discussion with the audience about the different topics, including in particular fisheries, overfishing, and aquaculture. The latter topics were especially interesting to the audience. This activity was organized in cooperation with the Underdirectorate of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, and was financed by the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program. Below you will find the presentations by Prof. Hawkins, as well as links to articles and films related to the subjects.

Lecture 1: The Status of Marine Fisheries

Lecture 2: Global Threats to Marine Organisms

Lecture 3: Extreme Events: Katrina

Lecture 4: Extreme Events: The BP Oil Spill

Link to short animation video (5 min) about overfishing

Link to video (42 min) about overfishing and the solutions still open to humankind

Link to article about aquaculture developments in our neighbouring country Guyana

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