Community Conservation of Mangroves – Training to strengthen Livelihoods.

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Small-scale fisheries reliant on healthy mangroves

This component seeks to develop a relevant curriculum and deliver training for Nickerie and Coronie. This training aims to support sustainable practices and livelihoods of micro-entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises that rely on the mangrove ecosystem.

During prior consultations that the GHFS had with the targeted communities, priority training areas have been identified as follows: eco-tourism, honey production, sustainable fishing, and digital business skills. For small-scale fishers, a study will be conducted to determine applicable best practices for sustainable fishing, which will inform training for fisherfolk. To address overfishing, for example, there may be a need to introduce seasonal fishing in parallel with the training of fishermen in other skills to have an income in the off-season.

Similarly, in the area of honey production, for example, the project will finance the development of a marketing structure for local honey production, including a market study, promotion and branding strategies, production protocols, supply chain management, and testing and standards.

The expected outputs of this component will include the following:
(i) 60 community members participating in livelihood training;
(ii) a paper on recommendations for sustainable fishing practices drawn from consultations with the community and experts, and
(iii) a marketing plan for honey production (including a market study, promotion and branding strategies, production protocols, supply chain management guidelines, and testing /standards guidelines/protocols).

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