Foto- En Videorapport Wereldoceaandag 2018

This year in addition to planning the screening of ocean related movies with the American Corner at TBL Cinemas, we also decided to participate in the March for the Ocean, a global event to raise awareness about the ocean. Before we started we had to test out the life-size whale kite.   Please also watch […]

In 2050 Is Er Meer Plastic In De Oceaan Dan Vis

Paramaribo – Thursday June 8th is World Oceans Day, a fact that Green Heritage Fund Suriname (GHFS) will commemorate with the recent film ‘A Plastic Ocean’. The work of the foundation these days is all within the framework of the ocean with the expo of the book with the same name “The Sea of ​​Suriname”  travelling through […]

Sit Back and Relax, it’s International Sloth Day!

The third Saturday in October is the day that we celebrate International Sloth Day. This year it has even more significance for me, as I am attending the 3rd International Sloth Meeting in Panama hosted by the Panamerican Association for Conservation (APPC). Panama is home to the critically endangered pygmy three-toed sloth (Bradypus pygmaeus). This […]

Gezonde Oceaan, Gezonde Planeet

with financing from: Sound in the ocean. Photo: © SpaceQuest and Google Oceans Paramaribo – Wednesday 8 June is World Ocean Day, a fact that Green Heritage Fund Suriname also wants to celebrate this year with the recently released film Sonic Sea. The film screening will take place on 8 June two days before the […]

Fotoreportage Internationale Luiaard dag

So, we are almost a day late, but what do you expect… we’re sloths! International Sloth Day is celebrated on 18 October 2014. The main purpose is to bring the world of sloths to all people and educate them about the role of sloths in the natural ecosystems. It is very important to emphasize that […]

Lancering Virtueel Museum Met Schelpententoonstelling

Fotoverslag Launch Virtueel Museum / Picture report Launch Virtual Museum Als je meer wilt weten over hoe dit tot stand is gekomen klik hier / if you want to learn more about how it came about click this link Vrijwilliger Romano bezig met uitzoeken van de juiste plaatjes/ Volunteer Romano busy looking for […]

Mercosur Leaders Support Whaling Moratorium

Leaders of Mercosur Give Their Full Support to Whaling Moratorium and the Proposed Creation of the Southern Atlantic Whale Sanctuary. 6. Destacaron su compromiso permanente con la vigencia de la moratoria a la caza de cetáceos, su uso económico no letal y no extractivo, y su total apoyo a la aprobación y posterior implementación de […]