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Animated GIFs of jumping dolphins to promote responsible dolphin watching

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For those of you proud of our Suriname dolphins, please download these animated gifs onto your telephone and show others how beautiful these animals are. Promote also responsible dolphin watching and follow the 10 golden rules:

1. Do not chase the dolphins and never travel through a group of dolphins.


2. Do not approach the dolphins at full throttle and do not suddenly change direction when going towards them.


3. Never approach a group of dolphins head on or directly from behind. Always approach a group under a sloping line. Stay at an angle of at least 30 degrees to the direction in which they are swimming.


4. Reduce the speed of the boat at a distance of 150 meters or shut down the motor. Do not go closer to the group than 50 meters (precaution zone).


5. Let the dolphins themself choose how they want to interact with the boat.


6. Stop the boat and let the motor idle or shut it down if the dolphins come closer out of their own volition, are resting or are playing with each other.


7. Do not stay for more than 15 minutes near one and the same group of dolphins

8. Travel slowly away from a group of dolphins if they show signs of agitation (swimming away from the boat, regularly changing direction or speed, diving hurriedly, slapping the flukes on the water).


9. Do not feed the dolphins and do not throw garbage into the water or throw objects at the animals.


10. Do not imitate dolphin sounds and do not swim with them, because this disrupts their natural behavior.


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