Since I am not a real boiti sma*, nor a lover of duck meat, probably because I grew up with Donald Duck (and I am now a vegetarian), the signs along the side of the road that advertise the sale of live animals, are not always understandable to me. I always look with question marks in […]

An anteater on the mailbox

May 24th 2022 Today, we received a notification of an anteater, which was found in the middle of a residential area. The person who found the anteater was very concerned with the animal’s safety. He had called several organizations to collect the animal. Fortunately, one of them referred him to us. As soon as we […]

Raising awareness about the marine and mangrove ecosystems in Suriname during COVID: Update on “School-Based Training and Extracurricular Events for the Community Conservation of Mangroves”

While we had a lot of plans for the first six months of this project, a lot of the activities had to be postponed or adapted due to COVID-19. Initially, we had planned to hold school-based training events in April 2021 in various secondary (MULO) schools in both Nickerie and Coronie. However, due to the […]

A Weekend in Galibi

By Ted van Hooff When you think of Green Heritage Fund Suriname, you think of sloths. Yet the foundation does more than rehabilitate this species. With educational trips, the GHFS team aims to show a new generation of Surinamese people that humans and nature need each other. I joined Geneviève, Cheyenne, Jonathan and Desiré for […]

An interview with Tomas Willems about Marine Spatial Planning

By Ted van Hooff The sea and coastal area of the Guianas is home to many extraordinary animal species, among which are the Guiana dolphin, the leatherback sea turtle and the scarlet ibis. Compared to other parts of South-America, there is little information on local wildlife and the use of this area by its inhabitants. […]

Celebrating the life of Jinkoe

On the 26th of June 2017, which was a national holiday in my country, I was called by an outpatient caretaker. While visiting a patient she had seen a baby sloth in a bush along the road, and when she saw it again on her way back, all wet and alone, she decided that she […]

A Special Guest

By Ted van Hooff ‘There’s a sloth in a car tire above the water behind my house.’ We find sloths in the strangest places. When Eric calls us about the guest that has been staying in his backyard for the last couple of days, we know we’ve got a special case at our hands. When […]

Thank you Sigfried

By Ted van Hooff When Sigfried, a cock who is always alert, starts to crow at a tree in a backyard in South Paramaribo, his owners suspect something is wrong. Sigfried has spotted an intruder: a three-fingered sloth is hanging lonely on a branch.     The Green Heritage Fund is called in. While Sigfried […]