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An anteater on the mailbox

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May 24th 2022

Today, we received a notification of an anteater, which was found in the middle of a residential area. The person who found the anteater was very concerned with the animal’s safety. He had called several organizations to collect the animal. Fortunately, one of them referred him to us. As soon as we were called, we immediately got into the car to go to the animal.

We had already spotted the anteater from the car and we saw a gentleman waving at us a few meters away. He had set up a bowl of water for the animal and had even chased the dogs from the neighbourhood away, in order to keep the animal safe.


The anteater was sitting by the mailbox and had been given a bowl of water.

Monique Pool, the director of GHFS, first tried to catch the animal with the net. The anteater then climbed down the fence, making it more difficult to catch the animal with the net. It was easier to catch the animal with the gloves. Less than five minutes later, the animal was captured and we were able to take it with us so we can release it back to the wild as soon as possible!

Monique Pool tries to catch the animal with the net

Monique Pool tries to catch the animal with the gloves

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