Breaking news from the Sloth Wellness Center

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We have now moved a little over a year ago to the Sloth Wellness Center, where the long-term residents Lucas, 19November and Ann (5 years in our care), as well as Anna (1 year in our care) and Beertje have found a new home in the forest surrounding our facilities. We regularly see 19November, Anna and Beertje who come to show themselves to let us know they are doing well. And maybe because they miss us a little bit (who knows?).

Last Friday, 19November was seen by a visitor who noticed that she was not alone. YES! She has a baby… The baby was named after the visitor, Madeleine Lamb, and we now see 19November and Maddy (short for Madeleine as we do not know if it is a boy or a girl) regularly around (it’s been a week). And we already love Maddy. She is curious like her mom, and we have seen her suckling also several times. So this is a first time that we are sharing the pictures with all of you, which were taken by the Lamb family and our returning intern Gabriella Abbott-Gribben.

First picture by the Lamb family. Madeleine saw the baby first.

The Lamb family also made a really amazing video of Maddy.

Maddy looking down at all those people staring at her

Maddy looks like she is sniffing her mother’s armpit, but instead she is suckling.

Baby sloths starts eating leaves already with the mother as of the third day, while it continues to suckle from her mother’s breast. In sloths the mammary gland is located in the armpit. The baby also licks regurgitated leaves from the mother’s mouth, that way she learns what leaves to eat.

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