Thankful at the End of 2022

We have a lot to be thankful for at the end of this year. We had many interns and volunteers turn up to help with our work. Frances entered data for all our Paramaribo rescues of the past five years while immediately mapping them. Wianda entered data from many, many years of feeding our temporary […]

How are baby sloths born?

Have you ever wondered how a baby sloth is born? Although I know that baby sloths are born in trees. I just realized on the 27th of September that it is a risky business! On the 27th of September, we received a call that a baby sloth had been found on the ground in someone’s […]


Since I am not a real boiti sma*, nor a lover of duck meat, probably because I grew up with Donald Duck (and I am now a vegetarian), the signs along the side of the road that advertise the sale of live animals, are not always understandable to me. I always look with question marks in […]

Het Vieren Van Het Leven Van Jinkoe

On the 26th of June 2017, which was a national holiday in my country, I was called by an outpatient caretaker. While visiting a patient she had seen a baby sloth in a bush along the road, and when she saw it again on her way back, all wet and alone, she decided that she […]

Stedelijke Bosfragmenten

World Wildlife Day 2019 In observance of World Wildlife Day on Sunday, the 3rdof March, we wanted to share with you some of our thoughts on wildlife in urban areas. After the 2012 rescue, we were left startled at the sheer number of animals rescued, and exhausted from the work involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, caring […]

Een luiaard genaamd Cliff

A sloth called Cliff Kenneth started calling me at the end of December 2018 about a two-fingered sloth that was of concern to him. The animal had been around his family’s house in the trees, but sometimes also in the ceiling of the house. He said he thought it had been around for at least […]

Chinese Year of the Pig

Today, the 5th of February 2019 is the first day in the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig. For us that includes also their wild cousins of this New World, the Collared Peccary and the White-lipped Peccary, from the family of the Tayassuidae (New World pigs). We sometimes see these around our center, but they are […]

Muskieten bestrijden door ze beter te begrijpen

The Fighting Mosquito-borne Illnesses through STEM Education project In Suriname there are a lot of mosquitoes, everyone knows that. Besides the many innocent, but still annoying types of mosquitoes, we also have a few dangerous species that can transmit diseases to humans, just think of the Aedes aegypti also known as the dengue mosquito. This […]

Onze Reis Naar Een Plasticvrij Suriname

Plastic. It’s hard to imagine a life without plastic products. While plastic can be useful, the manner in which we use it and dispose of it is often bad for both the environment and our health. This is especially the case with single use plastics. Single use plastics products such as straws, bottles, spoons, bags […]