Community Conservation of Mangroves

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Pristine Suriname mangrove coast
Image: courtesy of Wings for Science

The Green Heritage Fund Suriname, with funding from the IDB LAB, will pilot a model of Community Based Mangrove Management (CBMM) in the coastal districts, Coronie and Nickerie, of Suriname. Implementation of the pilot CBMM model will see the GHF advocating for mangrove preservation and conservation by way of awareness enhancing activities with community members and the general public. Additionally, environmentally sound, and economically realistic sustainable livelihood activities will be promoted in both districts, by way of training sessions offered to community members. Lastly, knowledge exchanges will take place to coordinate activities that promote mangrove preservation and conservation, together with local and regional partner organizations and to enhance the sustainability of the project’s outputs/activities. The core activities of the project will be organized into three components. 

Project Goal

To pilot a model of Community-Based Mangrove Management (CBMM) in Coronie and Nickerie by advocating for mangrove preservation and protection through awareness-enhancing activities on the coastal and marine environment and by promoting environmentally sound and economically realistic sustainable livelihood activities.

Key Components

  1. Community and stakeholder engagement to advocate for mangrove and marine preservation and conservation. Read more…
  2. Training to promote environmentally sound and economically realistic sustainable livelihood practices. Read more…
  3. Knowledge exchange for coordination and sustainability of pilot Community-Based Mangrove Management model. Read more…

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