Picture Report Sloth Wellness Center 3

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This picture report highlights the daily activities, biodiversity and animal adventures at the Sloth Wellness Center in August. All photos by Stellar Tsang.

Another two-fingered sloth is released into the forest behind the center.

A dragonfly is taking a break from hunting for food

Iguanas also love the same leaves the sloths eat

Our youngest resident Jinkoe is eating voraciously and growing slowly

Our baby anteater, now a juvenile, loves to hang out in the trees (all hands, feet and tail loose!)

19November showing us from time to time that she is doing well

A Green Aracari couple, this is the female, lives in the forest around the Center

The male Green Aracari is never far away

Anna from time to time graces us with her presence opposite the center

During the butterfly season many different species fly around in our forest


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