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Picture Report 3 – Sloth Wellness Center Construction

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This picture report is to show the progress in the construction of the Sloth Wellness Center which is not yet fully funded. Please help us complete the center fully by making a donation.

Foundations are prepared for other containers.

Constructional beams have arrived.

Floor elements from tropical hardwood.

Conservation of the wood.

More materials arrive.

Frames for the guest toilettes are being put together.

Roof frame for guest toilettes are put together as well.

Our volunteer-built toilet is taken apart.

The old toilettes frame is completely stripped away.

The framework of the new guest toilets is put into place.

Doors for the guest toilets are put in place.

Roof construction is added.

Is it really only a guest toilet?

Gravel is added to the cement to make it slip free.

This is carefully done by hand so that the layer is not too thick.

In the meantime some additional work is done on the foundations.

Netting is attached to keep animals out.

The soil has become so soft from the rains that the trucks with the containers got stuck.

To solve that large wooden panels were brought in to cover the soft soil underneath.

Toilet interior is painted in a bright color.

Damage from heavy traffic to the access road is repaired by adding additional sand.

And finally we manage to get the second container in place.

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