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Picture Report Sloth Wellness Center 4 – Igor

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AnteaterTailThis picture report highlights the adventures of Igor, the giant anteater, a short-stay resident at the Sloth Wellness Center in October. This animal was wounded and we cared for him until his wounds had completely healed. He was then released. Please see below for more details about his adventures.

Igor, the Giant anteater, is looking for something to eat

If you ever wondered what the bushy tail is for, please click on the link below, to see how the Giant anteater uses his tail as a blanket. And you will also find out how a Giant anteater goes to sleep!

See how an anteater goes to sleep…by clicking on the below file Anteater Tail

Click on this link ==> AnteaterTail

Igor being transported on the boat to his release location

Igor is looking at where he is going


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