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Picture Report Sloth Wellness Center 1

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This picture report highlights a day in the lives of different animals prior to the Move to the Sloth Wellness Center. All photos by Stellar Tsang.

Rescues and releases never stopped in the period up to and during the move.

This animal found at a factory had an incredibly sweet face.

Ostrich prior to moving to the center enjoying some leaves

Johannes who was prior to the Move allowed to climb trees in the garden is taking a nap

Johannes looking down at us

One day before the move, as we just released some animals we were feasted on a beautiful sunset

A view of the animals transported a day prior to the Move to be released at the center

A two-fingered sloth released into the forest just before sunset

Hairs are growing back on Stoney’s nose. His claws were cut and he suffered from a parasite that was successfully treated by us

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