Breaking news from the Sloth Wellness Center

We have now moved a little over a year ago to the Sloth Wellness Center, where the long-term residents Lucas, 19November and Ann (5 years in our care), as well as Anna (1 year in our care) and Beertje have found a new home in the forest surrounding our facilities. We regularly see 19November, Anna and Beertje who come to show themselves to let us know they are doing well. And maybe because they miss us a little bit (who knows?).

Last Friday, 19November was seen by a visitor who noticed that she was not alone. YES! She has a baby… The baby was named after the visitor, Madeleine Lamb, and we now see 19November and Maddy (short for Madeleine as we do not know if it is a boy or a girl) regularly around (it’s been a week). And we already love Maddy. She is curious like her mom, and we have seen her suckling also several times. So this is a first time that we are sharing the pictures with all of you, which were taken by the Lamb family and our returning intern Gabriella Abbott-Gribben.

First picture by the Lamb family. Madeleine saw the baby first.

The Lamb family also made a really amazing video of Maddy.

Maddy looking down at all those people staring at her

Maddy looks like she is sniffing her mother’s armpit, but instead she is suckling.

Baby sloths starts eating leaves already with the mother as of the third day, while it continues to suckle from her mother’s breast. In sloths the mammary gland is located in the armpit. The baby also licks regurgitated leaves from the mother’s mouth, that way she learns what leaves to eat.

Picture Report Sloth Wellness Center 3

This picture report highlights the daily activities, biodiversity and animal adventures at the Sloth Wellness Center in August. All photos by Stellar Tsang.

Another two-fingered sloth is released into the forest behind the center.

A dragonfly is taking a break from hunting for food

Iguanas also love the same leaves the sloths eat

Our youngest resident Jinkoe is eating voraciously and growing slowly

Our baby anteater, now a juvenile, loves to hang out in the trees (all hands, feet and tail loose!)

19November showing us from time to time that she is doing well

A Green Aracari couple, this is the female, lives in the forest around the Center

The male Green Aracari is never far away

Anna from time to time graces us with her presence opposite the center

During the butterfly season many different species fly around in our forest


Picture Report Sloth Wellness Center 2

This picture report highlights a day at the Sloth Wellness Center, 10 days after the move. All photos by Stellar Tsang.

As the rescues continue in the city, animals are regularly released around the Sloth Wellness Center

Annelies, one of our loyal volunteers is visiting the sloths at the Sloth Wellness Center

The big balcony is still chaotic as we do not have yet have financing for furniture for the center

The metal stairs at the side of the building leading up to the private space of the workers at the Sloth Wellness Center

The animal treatment room has two windows so that a sufficient natural light source is present

The sloth rescue bus is most active in the city these days and making many miles

A side view of our Sloth Wellness Center

The container building offers enough space for all activities to ensure the wellness of the animals

Isa, the sloth that was born in my house in the city, prefers to stay on the balcony

Elly is also staying nearby in the trees around the center

The leaves of the cecropia are a big favourite of the three-fingered sloths

Boots are required when working in the field



Picture Report Sloth Wellness Center 1

This picture report highlights a day in the lives of different animals prior to the Move to the Sloth Wellness Center. All photos by Stellar Tsang.

Rescues and releases never stopped in the period up to and during the move.

This animal found at a factory had an incredibly sweet face.

Ostrich prior to moving to the center enjoying some leaves

Johannes who was prior to the Move allowed to climb trees in the garden is taking a nap

Johannes looking down at us

One day before the move, as we just released some animals we were feasted on a beautiful sunset

A view of the animals transported a day prior to the Move to be released at the center

A two-fingered sloth released into the forest just before sunset

Hairs are growing back on Stoney’s nose. His claws were cut and he suffered from a parasite that was successfully treated by us

We moved! (episode 2)

We managed to give all animals with the exception of Stoney and Elly their own moving box. Stoney and Elly were in one kennel together. We managed to put all the kennels in the Sloth Rescue Vehicle. And at around 5 PM we set out to the center with a moving van and all animals in the Sloth Rescue Bus. The animals who were not used to being confined to a small space were stressed by this adventure. The big exception were probably the anteaters who like to be confined to a small dark space where they can sleep.

As the enclosures were taken down in the garden, the animals were transferred to kennels.

Yvonne and loyal volunteer Annelies are tending to their wards.

After an hour’s ride, the animals arrived at the center and are taken out of the Sloth Rescue Van

Before the night falls, the animals are moved to the balcony to acclimatize to the new forest environment.

We were now ready to spend the first night at the center. The babies were left behind in the city with Annelies, who would take care of them for one day, after which we would transfer them on the 1st of August also to the Center. We started to prepare their food and care for them and hope they would feel more at ease in the morning.

Thanks to our volunteers things went well at this end. We also have to thank our friends from Bloemendaal, who were waiting for us with 14 people to help unload the moving van in a mere 20 minutes. We managed to unload everything just before night fell.


We moved! (episode 1)

So we moved. Dealing with a difficult situation of no energy, no water, unfinished building. But there was no other option. The operation started on the 30th of July, when we drove out to the center with four animals that we had rescued in the past three days, and who were ready to be released. We had to release them also to make room (we needed the kennels in which we had temporarily housed them) to be able to move our animals the next day to the center.

A two-fingered sloth who had been at the penitentiary facility of Santo Boma hiding under some benches on which people visiting their relatives would wait outside. Waiting for its release in the forest at the Sloth Wellness Center.
Our friends from HEM provided assistance by making one of their vans available for us to transport our things to the new location.

One of the four animals we had to release on the 30th of July.
There goes our Santo Boma two-fingered sloth into a tree behind the center. We arrived around dusk as we had so many things to arrange.
The animal was quick to go and find itself a safe space in the tree tops.
And a third animal was released.
And the last one to go just before the night fell.

Our incredible volunteers have helped to make it happen. When we arrived on the 30th of July our friends from Bloemendaal Resort came to see how the four rescues were released. Fortunately, as it was already late, they had lights with them for filming, which lights helped us to find our way to the kitchen where they helped us place the cooker.


A Very Special Animal: the Sloth

Ruben Leter and his colleague student Bregje Bouma from the School for Journalism in Utrecht, the Netherlands, visited us just before we are moving. For the TV program NOON, which is broadcast every Friday on RTV Utrecht, 10 students from this school travelled to Suriname for two weeks to make two episodes. We were very pleased that they made this beautiful film about the sloths.

Picture Report 6 – Sloth Wellness Center Construction

This picture report is to show the progress in the construction of the Sloth Wellness Center which is not yet fully funded. Please help us complete the center fully by making a donation.

The floor is protected from the elements because the roof is not yet in place

Beams hauled up for the roof construction

Drainage pipes are in the meantime also installed

The support structure for the beams is put in place

Support structure for the roof from a different angle

Roof construction prepared on the ground is put in place

The roof is built in such a manner that hot air cannot be trapped under it

Four 1000 l tanks are hauled onto the roof to provide water in the bathrooms (tanks donated by CIC)

The last roof support is hauled into place

The roof structure is then provided strength by placing cross beams

All cross beams are in place

Roof plates are brought upstairs by the team

Roof plates are installed

Insulation is attached under the roofplates to keep heat radiation minimal

The stairs leading to the upstairs manager’s veranda is installed

The Sloth Wellness Center is looking impressive from afar

The stairs seen from a different angle



Picture Report 5 – Sloth Wellness Center Construction

This picture report is to show the progress in the construction of the Sloth Wellness Center which is not yet fully funded. Please help us complete the center fully by making a donation.

Preparing the foundations for the vertical post beams.

A crane is used to put the post beam in place.

All post beams are in place for supporting the roof structure.

The sandy soil between the two bottom containers is compacted.

Horizontal beams are positioned with a crane.

Overview of the wooden skeleton that will support the roof structure.

The ground between the bottom containers is paved.

Dividing walls are placed in the containers.

Floor beams are positioned.

Cross beams are place to support the floor boards.

Wooden skeleton almost in place.

Living space for the manager, scientists and volunteers will be mostly on the deck to be installed here.

Floor boards are sorted

Floor boards are installed

First floor is starting to look really interesting

They are individually screwed to the lower beams

A view from below

Almost completed

Picture Report 4 – Sloth Wellness Center Construction

This picture report is to show the progress in the construction of the Sloth Wellness Center which is not yet fully funded. Please help us complete the center fully by making a donation.

Two more containers arrive.

The containers are then neatly stacked according to the design.

The contractor skilfully stacks the containers and moves them carefully in the right position.

Four containers are moved into place.

It is a very precise job.

All five containers are in the correct position.

The building is overwhelmingly larger than the small model we used to look at.

The stacking of the containers is done in an interesting and creative manner.

A view from the treatment room window on the toilets.

Chairman Ivette, Monique and Monique’s mother pose to provide an idea of scale.

Large beams to support the roof structure have been delivered.

Looking out of the windows of the Animal kitchen and Animal treatment room towards the location of the sloth island.

A view from below the container that houses the human kitchen and house of the Sloth Wellness Center manager.

View inside the future office and library. Extra support beam to ensure that the above container can safely rest on the office container.

With Monique Pool’s mother in the picture (approx. 1.58m) to provide a sense of scale.

Now that the containers are in place, the construction crew immediately started preparing everything to put the roof on top of the structure.


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