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We moved! (episode 1)

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So we moved. Dealing with a difficult situation of no energy, no water, unfinished building. But there was no other option. The operation started on the 30th of July, when we drove out to the center with four animals that we had rescued in the past three days, and who were ready to be released. We had to release them also to make room (we needed the kennels in which we had temporarily housed them) to be able to move our animals the next day to the center.

A two-fingered sloth who had been at the penitentiary facility of Santo Boma hiding under some benches on which people visiting their relatives would wait outside. Waiting for its release in the forest at the Sloth Wellness Center.
Our friends from HEM provided assistance by making one of their vans available for us to transport our things to the new location.

One of the four animals we had to release on the 30th of July.
There goes our Santo Boma two-fingered sloth into a tree behind the center. We arrived around dusk as we had so many things to arrange.
The animal was quick to go and find itself a safe space in the tree tops.
And a third animal was released.
And the last one to go just before the night fell.

Our incredible volunteers have helped to make it happen. When we arrived on the 30th of July our friends from Bloemendaal Resort came to see how the four rescues were released. Fortunately, as it was already late, they had lights with them for filming, which lights helped us to find our way to the kitchen where they helped us place the cooker.


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