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Picture Report 2 – Sloth Wellness Center Construction

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This picture report is to show the progress in the construction of the Sloth Wellness Center which is not yet fully funded. Please help us complete the center fully by making a donation.

Working on the septic tanks

Cleaning rubbish from the construction site

First foundations are being poured

Foundations in place

The containers are being cut off location

Window holes are cut and frames welded in

Materials are stacked and sorted

The intensive care unit located in the forest is put in place

Additional work is performed on the foundation

The cement is then poured to enlarge the foundation

The builder likes a clean construction site

Preparation of roof beams is started

Access road is repaired in anticipation of the other containers

A second container is delivered but cannot be placed due to the soft soil

Materials are covered as delays bring us closer to the rainy season

Room is made so that other materials can be delivered

More preparatory work is done on roof beams

The materials are carefully stacked

The sandy soil makes it difficult for the heavy material to access the construction location

Gravel bed in front of the container is being prepared

More work is done on the drainage

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