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Travelling GLOBE-Trainers Now a Fact!

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Press release, Paramaribo 8 March 2017

GHFS director Pool with GLOBE trainers Kalloe, dos Ramos and Zebeda

A festive moment during the volunteer day of Green Heritage Fund Suriname (GHFS). Traveling teachers Meriam Kalloe, Gabriella dos Ramos, Zequira Zebeda and Roshni Adjodhia (not in the photo) received their official GLOBE-trainer certificate from GHFS director Monique Pool. Now they have the certificate that proves they are allowed to train other teachers in giving GLOBE environmental education.

The three young biology teachers travel through Suriname to teach practical lessons about the environment in primary and secondary schools. They currently work with nine schools in seven different districts and are also working on adapting the GLOBE material to the Surinamese context. The ambition this year is to introduce as many districts as possible to this educational and fun form of environmental education.


GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) is an international education program that teaches students to conduct their own research of the environment. Students gather information about the atmosphere (air), hydrosphere (water), biosphere (flora & fauna) and pedosphere (soil) in their own surroundings in a scientifically sound manner. Participating in GLOBE contributes to the student’s environmental awareness, as well as to global environmental research.

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