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Picture Report Sloth Wellness Center 5 – Little by Little…

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Thanks to important donations from Kosmos Energy and the continuation of our partnership with Welttierschutzgesellschaft and of course our loyal donors through Global Giving we are now finishing the Intensive Care unit, the access to the IC unit, the animal treatment room, and the animal kitchen. We also worked on upgrading the human kitchen, so that the people taking care of the animals also have better facilities. So we are almost ready to officially open our doors, even though since we moved here, animals have passed through our facility as if everything is already in place.

Since we think we cannot make a picture report without at least one sloth in it, we have posted a picture of Beertje at the very end, who is regularly returning to his own house and food tray.

The IC unit is being completed

Inside the IC unit the floor and the walls are tiled

Access to the IC unit is paved

A special washbasin close to the IC unit

The IC unit is painted white to ensure the temperature stays low

A tiled counter where the incubator can be placed as well as cages with recovering animals

Animal kitchen with nicely white tiled counter

The finished animal kitchen

Washbasin finished

And also the human kitchen was upgraded

Beertje lives among the trees but likes to return from time to time to eat his favourite apples

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