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Giving Thanks!

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Today we want to focus on giving thanks to our donors, including the anonymous ones. We wanted in particular to highlight the work of one of our biggest private donors, because we love the amazing glass art Brandon Martin makes to help our work with the sloths, and to express our gratitude for his commitment to the sloths and anteaters we rescue and rehabilitate. We also always release them as soon as that is possible. Although these sloths look big on these pictures, these are precious miniatures, that show amazing detail. Like for example, the sloth honeycomb which was made in a collaboration with Joe Peters. In these little miniatures from glass the fragility of these gentle creatures is perfectly captured. The pictures are from his Instagram account (brandon_martin) that we of course recommend to our followers. We would have loved to show all of his sloths here, but refer to his work he posts online.

We wish our followers and contributors a very nice week and once more, we appreciate your support and give thanks to all of you!

Sloth Pendant by Brandon Martin

Sloth Pendant by Brandon Martin in a collaboration with Joe Peters

Another cutie glass art sloth by Brandon Martin

Another beauty by Brandon Martin


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