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2019 Wij komen eraan!

We had a wonderful year! Slowly things started falling into place after a bit of a chaotic ending of 2017. But, things started lining up.


Wereldmiereneterdag – 29 November 2018

On the 29th of November we celebrate World Anteater Day. We also say Tamandua Day, because the day originated in Brazil. Anteaters are like sloths


Dank Zeggen!

Today we want to focus on giving thanks to our donors, including the anonymous ones. We wanted in particular to highlight the work of one


Het Verhaal Van 19 November

For some of you, this might be just an ordinary day. Not for Green Heritage Fund Suriname. This day reminds us of a beginning and

Green Community Development Program

De Geest Van Goud

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Faye, an indigenous leader from the Wapishana tribe in the South Rupununi in Guyana. She told me

Dolphin Program

Foto- En Videorapport Wereldoceaandag 2018

This year in addition to planning the screening of ocean related movies with the American Corner at TBL Cinemas, we also decided to participate in


Lof Voor Traagheid Monique En De Luiaards

We are very honoured with the beautiful French documentary highlighting the work of Monique Pool and her team. Franck Sanson from Prontoprod, and his team,


Science Advances publish about Ground Sloth Hunt

Science Advances published an article on what possibly may have been a Ground Sloth Hunt by humans. Footprints preserve terminal Pleistocene hunt? Human-sloth interactions in


Luiaard Award 2017

Paramaribo – the Green Heritage Fund Suriname (GHFS) has extended the Sloth Award 2017 to Wynne Minkes. Minkes has given her time and energy to


Beeldverslag Luiaard Opvang Centrum 4 - Igor

AnteaterTailThis picture report highlights the adventures of Igor, the giant anteater, a short-stay resident at the Sloth Wellness Center in October. This animal was wounded and

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