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Picture Report Sloth Wellness Center 3

This picture report highlights the daily activities, biodiversity and animal adventures at the Sloth Wellness Center in August. All photos by Stellar Tsang.  


Picture Report Sloth Wellness Center 2

This picture report highlights a day at the Sloth Wellness Center, 10 days after the move. All photos by Stellar Tsang.    


Beeldverslag Luiaard Opvang Centrum 1

This picture report highlights a day in the lives of different animals prior to the Move to the Sloth Wellness Center. All photos by Stellar


We zijn verhuisd! (aflevering 2)

We managed to give all animals with the exception of Stoney and Elly their own moving box. Stoney and Elly were in one kennel together.


We Zijn Verhuisd! (Aflevering 1)

So we moved. Dealing with a difficult situation of no energy, no water, unfinished building. But there was no other option. The operation started on


Een Wel Héél Bijzonder Dier: De Luiaard

Ruben Leter and his colleague student Bregje Bouma from the School for Journalism in Utrecht, the Netherlands, visited us just before we are moving. For

Dolphin Program

In 2050 Is Er Meer Plastic In De Oceaan Dan Vis

Paramaribo – Thursday June 8th is World Oceans Day, a fact that Green Heritage Fund Suriname (GHFS) will commemorate with the recent film ‘A Plastic Ocean’. The

Dolphin Program

De Zee Van Suriname

“Suriname is one of the greenest countries in the world and we must protect and conserve our green country”, you may have heard this statement, but

Wees Mijn Luiaard (Valentijn)...

Visit our Zazzle store to order your Sloth Valentine’s Card today! Be My Sloth <3 by Green Heritage Fund Suriname

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