The Story of 19 November

For some of you, this might be just an ordinary day. Not for Green Heritage Fund Suriname. This day reminds us of a beginning and an end.  I will start at the beginning. I remember the first day as a volunteer. Before the sloth wellness center was officially open, Monique’s house was the rehabilitation and […]

The Spirit of Gold

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Faye, an indigenous leader from the Wapishana tribe in the South Rupununi in Guyana. She told me about the pollution caused by gold-mining in the head waters of four villages in her country. Faye told me that although the villagers knew that the pollution caused by the […]

Closer to the Sea with the “Sea of Suriname” Expo

PARAMARIBO, 8 November 2018 – Prior to the school holidays Green Heritage Fund Suriname (G.H.F.S) made school visits to Junior Secondary General schools in Paramaribo to inform students about the Sea of Suriname. Last year this Expo traveled to different coastal communities from Nickerie to Galibi. This was a good opportunity to exchange information with people […]

Official Opening Xenarthra Rehabilitation Center

On Friday the 2nd of November 2018, the Rescue Center for Sloths, Anteaters and Armadillos was officially opened by Roline Samsoedien, Minister of Spatial Planning, Land and Forest Management. She was assisted by District Commissioner of Saramacca, Laksmienarain Doebay, and the Permanent Secretary of her Ministry, Ms. Leandra Woei. The Head of the Forestry Service, […]

Photo & video report World Ocean Day and March for the Ocean 2018

This year in addition to planning the screening of ocean related movies with the American Corner at TBL Cinemas, we also decided to participate in the March for the Ocean, a global event to raise awareness about the ocean. Before we started we had to test out the life-size whale kite.   Please also watch […]

Breaking news from the Sloth Wellness Center

We have now moved a little over a year ago to the Sloth Wellness Center, where the long-term residents Lucas, 19November and Ann (5 years in our care), as well as Anna (1 year in our care) and Beertje have found a new home in the forest surrounding our facilities. We regularly see 19November, Anna […]

See Marine Interactions-Advocacy for the Ocean & Coastal Resilience

School visits to inform students from senior secondary school about the sea of Suriname in the capital Paramaribo are conducted by the GHFS team. At each of the visits students are surveyed to gauge their knowledge and interest in the marine area of Suriname and beyond. See Marine Interactions works on people centered advocacy required to […]

World Oceans Day and March for the Ocean 2018

  Paramaribo – Friday, June 8 is World Ocean Day, a fact that Green Heritage Fund Suriname in collaboration with The American Corner of the American Embassy and WWF Guianas this year wants to commemorate with the film Mission Blue. In addition, a major awareness event will be held on Saturday, June 9 at the […]

Amazing study about Swimming Sloth Ancestors

Please check out this article if you are interested in knowing more about the swimming sloth ancestors of our contemporary sloths.  

Picture Report Sloth Wellness Center 5 – Little by Little…

Thanks to important donations from Kosmos Energy and the continuation of our partnership with Welttierschutzgesellschaft and of course our loyal donors through Global Giving we are now finishing the Intensive Care unit, the access to the IC unit, the animal treatment room, and the animal kitchen. We also worked on upgrading the human kitchen, so […]