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Blog de voluntario de Greta Wong

Hola! Soy una estudiante universitaria de Estados Unidos, estoy estudiando Biología Evolutiva, con especial interés en la Conservación. Como tal, GHFS ha sido una plataforma


Volunteer Blog – Greta Wong

Hello! My name is Greta Wong, and I am an American university student, studying Organismic Evolutionary Biology, with an interest in conservation. As such, GHFS

Blog de Voluntario – Kasie Wade

Mis estudios sobre pesca y vida silvestre han despertado mi pasión por el conservacionismo y el trabajo de campo. Viajé desde Florida, Estados Unidos, hacia


Volunteer Blog – Kasie Wade

My studies in Fisheries and Wildlife have brought my passion for conservation and wildlife to hands on experience. I have traveled to Suriname from the

Education & Research

Women for Wildlife Network Buenos Aires meeting

Empowering Women in Nature Conservation: Argentina and Beyond presented by the Women for Wildlife Network and the University of Buenos Aires, 25-27 April 2016 The


Feni means Found!

Disclaimer: Warning! Not all animals survive their ordeal and some of the pictures below may contain disturbing images. Paramaribo, 18 March 2016 Yesterday I felt


Diary of a Baby Sloth 1

My name is Isa, I was born on the 22nd of February 2016 around 17:15, and was found by auntie Isabella Kirkland, a visiting artist, who

Avistamiento de Cetáceos en Suriname

Avistamiento de Cetáceos en Suriname Este video formó parte de la presentación de Monique Pool, Chairman de Green Heritage Fund Suriname, en las Jornadas Técnicas


Dolphin trip 24 January 2016

Notes and images from the field from Stellar Tsang, one of our photographers: The dolphins were having a blast, got to get close to an osprey,

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